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Produgie Releases the Growth Leader Assessment 5.0

September 27, 2022

After 18 months of research across 5 continents, Produgie is pleased to announce the release of the Growth Leader Assessment (GLA) 5.0. This version includes new and improved multi-level global benchmarks, measures of growth mindset, customer engagement, innovation enablement, and a motivational “PSI” index measuring capabilities to motivate diverse people in today’s complex workplaces. 


The Growth Leader Assessment enables personalized leader & team guidance and support. Produgie’s Sprint engine leverages the GLA and other embedded assessments to deliver premium growth leadership services as scalable and configurable pay-as-you-go products starting at 16USD/User/month.


“The need to bridge gaps in leadership has never been greater. Produgie is next generation worktech derived from science and machine learning. Our software enables every leader and work team to multiply their impact for sustainable business performance and growth - without burning out. "

Dr. Alison Eyring, CEO & Founder of Produgie

More about the Growth Leader Assessment

The Growth Leader Assessment is a groundbreaking assessment enabling leaders at all levels to gain deep insights into capabilities that enable them to perform, energize others and transform. This assessment is self-administered with items adapted to the size of the business and the level of the User. Users receive results instantaneously, along with personalized recommendations for action and development. 


Unlike conventional online and offline assessments, the Growth Leader Assessment gives leaders insights into who they are AND what they do. Research conducted across hundreds of businesses shows the ability of the GLA to predict business outcomes such as sales growth, productivity improvement, and employee turnover. 


Produgie’s value added service partners are leveraging Produgie to improve the impact of their consulting services as they lower total costs to their clients. These services include leadership assessments & assessment centers, individual and group coaching, team effectiveness interventions, and innovation enablement.


Discover more about Produgie  

Produgie is a SaaS solution for high growth and rapidly evolving businesses. The software, with its embedded IP and predictive intelligence, equips businesses of all sizes to scale mindsets, capabilities, and culture at the pace of their ambition.

Visit https://www.produgie.com/ to learn more about Produgie and to schedule a demo. Learn how your business can leverage Produgie technology. If your business supports or sells into rapidly evolving corporations, or high-growth businesses, reach out to learn about our ecosystem partnerships.

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