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Some of the Science behind Sprints

October 14, 2021
– Produgie Team

Leadership through Deliberate Practice.

These days, everyone seems to be strapped for time and the last thing we need is another training program or eLearning course. To grow in the flow of work, we need insights into what to develop, challenges that stretch us, repeated and deliberate practice, and feedback on behaviors and results. The grow-in-the-flow approach used by Produgie is based on the science of learning from experience and is proven to deliver 150% improvement in leader capabilities.

Produgie’s Growth Leader Assessment and Growth Leader 360 give Users insights into what to develop while it gathers feedback and advice from colleagues on behaviors and outcomes as Users execute their Sprints. This is science at work.

Like athletes, leadership requires deliberate practice. Curious?! Watch this great video from BBC that explains why deliberate practice works. Enjoy!

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