Product: Adaptive Development Plan

An adaptive development plan that adapts for evolving roles

Customizable roadmap to build leadership capacity inclusively; focus on solving key challenges in current and future roles

Replace static individual development plans
with adaptive leader development plans that work

Increase impact of development plans and their execution to build future ready leaders

Comprehensive Career Growth Roadmap
User gets comprehensive career planning and development through selecting priorities for their current role level challenges, as well as target challenges and capabilities for their future desired role and is aided by development recommendations from the Growth Leader Assessment, program priorities and/or leadership management feedback
Progress Tracking
As the user assigns key development milestones for building their capabilities beyond current role to future desired roles, Produgie prompts, nudges, and supports them in progressing and updating their plan each quarter to continuously ensure their efforts and priorities are aligned with becoming a future ready leader
Nurture Network
Users identify their Nurture Network - a supportive community of such as Manager, Coach, Mentor, Learning Buddy, Accountability Partner, HR, Peer, Team, Customer and Other and Produgie will activate this supportive community to enlist their feedback and structure their support for the user’s highest developmental goals and outcomes.


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